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Why do you need Renters Insurance in California?

Is there any place more reflective of the way the world looks at the United States than California? We won’t get into the whole NYC rivalry (for now), but honestly, California may be the most talked about, written about, dreamed about, [you fill in the blank about] place in the world. Beaches, mountains, deserts, redwoods. Movie stars, techies, ranchers, hipsters. It just goes on and on. This place exudes Americana. One important note though, never call it “Cali”. Like, never ever. It is the most surefire way to be viewed as an outsider. Don’t do it. Now that we’ve cleared the air on that hot button issue, let’s move on to some equally critical topics, such as finding the best renters insurance in California.

Renting in California

With all the amazing things California offers, there is a little doubt why roughly 40 million people call the place home. All those modern day gold rushers flocking to the Bay plus all the aspiring singers and starlets headed to L.A., along with a massive, booming economy that would rank a staggering sixth in the world as a stand-alone country, means that housing costs can be sky high. Competition for California’s scarce housing resources results in lots and lots of people renting. Where there are renters, there is a need for renters insurance and that’s where Bungalow Insurance can help.

Is renters insurance in California a good deal?

Renters insurance tends to be one of those no brainers in life. Like, should I get that extra carne asada taco or is four going to be enough? Yea, you need it, done. Considering that renters insurance in California is so affordable, most people are pleasantly surprised at the amount of coverage you get. The cost of your policy will vary based on your individual circumstances and you can get a hassle-free, instant quote from Bungalow entirely online here. Just to give you an idea though, the average cost of renters insurance in California is probably less than you pay for coffee each month. Don’t believe us that renters insurance is worth it? Check out why the New York Times recommends purchasing renters insurance.

Is my fixie bike covered by renters insurance?

Good news brah, along with almost all of your other personal property, renters insurance will cover that sweet ride in the event it is stolen. Take a quick look around your apartment. How much would it cost to replace all your personal belongings if they are unexpectedly damaged or stolen? Televisions, computers, furniture, clothes…. it really starts to add up. You’ll probably need at least $20,000 worth of coverage. It’s cool though, the personal property coverage in your renters insurance from Bungalow covers that type of stuff.

What other types of coverage are included in renters insurance?

Aside from the personal property coverage mentioned above, you also get the following types of coverage.

Personal Liability – If you accidentally hurt someone or damage property that belongs to someone else and you get sued, the personal liability coverage will help with your legal fees. A typical coverage amount is $300,000.

Medical Coverage – This will help pay for medical expenses if someone is hurt in your apartment. Usually this is used to avoid lawsuits, because lawsuits are a real bummer. A typical amount renter’s insurance policy includes $3,000 of coverage.

Loss of Use – Let’s say you have smoke damage in your apartment and have to check into The Beverly Hilton. Well, that’s a bad example because there are limits and this policy won’t cover your luxury cucumber wraps and massages, but it will pay for a (more modest) hotel or somewhere else for you to stay if something happens to your apartment. A typical amount of coverage is $5,000.

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If you have additional questions about renters insurance, check out our more comprehensive Millennial's Guide to the Best Renters Insurance."


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