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Can I purchase renters insurance for less than 12 months?

You will need to purchase a 12-month policy initially but can cancel when you no longer need the policy (i.e. when you move) and you will be refunded for the “unused” portion of the insurance. To do so, you will need to call our customer service group when you move at 1-877-556-1144.

Can I add my landlord as an additional insured or interested party on my policy?

You are able to add your landlord as an additional interested party. To do so, you will need to call our customer service group after you receive your purchase confirmation at 1-877-556-1144 and ask them to add your Landlord to the policy as an additional interested party. You will need your policy number, which we will provide to you after your purchase.

Can I add my roommate to my insurance plan?

Yes, you can add up to one roommate to your insurance policy. To do so you will need to add a "Secondary Insured" to your policy. This option will be available to you during the purchase process.

Does Renters Insurance cover any thefts outside of my property?

Yes. Renters insurance covers most of your items (including electronics) if they are stolen outside of your primary residence. However, there are some exceptions, so if you have questions about a specific item, please call our sales group at 1-877-209-5336.

Will I receive documentation of my insurance, and do I need to show that to my landlord?

You will receive insurance documentation once you have completed your purchase. Whether or not you need to present it depends on your landlord.

Can I purchase an insurance plan with less than $15,000 in property coverage?

No, unfortunately that is the lowest property coverage amount currently offered.

Is my insurance at “replacement cost”?

Yes, all of our renters policies specify replacement cost, meaning that in a settlement you will receive the amount needed to replace the item.

Does this policy include sub-limits and would I be able to extend them?

This policy does have sub-limits on certain item categories (e.g. jewelry). If you have an item that is particularly valuable please call our sales group at 1-877-209-5336 to ask about the limits.

Can I pay monthly rather than annually?

Yes, we have a monthly payment option. However, our insurance carrier partners charge a $5 surcharge each month for this option. Because of this, we recommend buying an annual plan and cancelling whenever you no longer need it.

Do I need renters insurance?

This is going to depend on whether your landlord requires you to buy renters insurance or not. This requirement is increasingly common so make sure you check your lease. Even if it's not required, almost all financial experts strongly advise that renters purchase renters insurance due to the low monthly cost and significant protection it provides.

Is all my stuff covered with renters insurance?

Most common items (clothes, furniture, electronics) are covered by your policy up to the property limit that you choose. However, some items such as jewelry and firearms will have a sub-limit attached, which means they will be covered up to a dollar amount that is lower than your full property limit. Insurance coverage will kick in after you have paid your deductible. If you have an item that is particularly valuable please call our sales group at 1-877-209-5336 to ask about the sub-limits for that item.

How much does renters insurance cost?

The cost of renters insurance varies based on your location and the amount of coverage you choose. This is why it's simplest to get a quote to find out your exact cost. You can do that here. In general, you should expect renters insurance to cost you about $15-$25/month, or about the cost of 2 large pizzas.